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Authentic & Luxurious Restaurant Design in Dubai

Authentic & Luxurious Restaurant Design in Dubai
Authentic & Luxurious Restaurant Design in Dubai

Great food is not good enough to get more customers, yet a good interior design will help to enforce the brand message. Both are an integral part of an unforgettable dining experience to set a tone, and convey a story to tell. 

Then, let us meet Meat Moot Restaurant, a new gem of Algedra Group! 

Algedra designers have put on a practice to design Meat Moot Restaurant in Dubai, the heart of the City Walk, with natural materials by mixing wooden details and biophilic elements along with a luxurious atmosphere. 

We have created and implemented a unique style that will boost profits and keep customers wanting to come back for more. Our designers have ensured comfort and warmth by adding modern twists to stand out amongst the competitive market. 

Materials that are reminiscent of Istanbul’s landmarks have been utilized in the space, and these details made a cozier and friendlier ambiance. 

Biophilic elements like plants and reclaimed wood have helped to create a restorative and restive environment which have led to a  positive dining experience. A living wall was a good way to update the interior. 

Clean lines with a focus on exclusive luxury furniture and wall coverings have created the space. Pops of color and wooden touches have added unexpected details to a linear, uncluttered look.

The overall design of this restaurant aesthetic is the best way to influence customer emotions, which in turn will influence their experience. 

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