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Luxury Villas Design

Get inspired by Algedra's marvelous villa designs!

Through great planning, our specialized interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an accurate way.

Our team of interior design consultants who are experts in fields of luxury villas design, modern home interior design and home decoration provides detailed and very specific concepts in order to make your dream home a reality.

We also provide luxury interior designs to palaces and large spaces. Contact us to find out more about the best decor company in Turkey and UAE.

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Decor Company in Turkey

We are interior decoration company, based in Dubai, specializing in luxury residential projects, décor and interior design in Turkey, Istanbul.

Dressing Room

Dressing room is where your personality is reflected. Your look comes from there and it represents your style. 

Men Majlis Interior Design

We have all kinds of designs such as modern, classic, and contemporary etc.

Kids bedroom

At ALGEDRA, designers offer you with latest ideas for your child’s bedroom. The ideas reflect creativity, comfort, and fun.

Moroccan Majlis Design

Our Interior design services are known to be the best in the Turkey and United Arab Emirates and we have extended them worldwide. 

Dining Room Interior Design

Our elegant dining room designs will give a unique look to your home

Women Majlis Interior Design

We are presenting beautiful, elegant, and luxurious women Majlis designs for you.

Bathroom Design

For all kinds of bathroom designs and ideas, check out ALGEDRA’s range of elegant bathroom interior design for villas.

Master Bedroom Design

Our experts designed Women Majlis with patterned rugs, paintings, calligraphy, stunning furniture, lavish mirrors and much more

Bedroom Interior Design

When done right, a bedroom is a stress-free private sanctuary full of soothing colors, comfortable bedding, and plush pillows.

Kitchen Design

A house is not complete without a stunning and sleek kitchen.We offer creative kitchen layout with cabinets & lighting designs.

Lobby Entrance Design

The entrance lobby design should give a perfect representation of the complete house and hence be decorated nicely.

Majlis Interior Design

Villa design is not complete without a Majlis – a place where people gather and chat. We specialized in luxury & classic Majlis Designs.

Family Sitting Room Design

 It's the go-to spot for a wide variety of activity, so it needs to be able to store movies, books and toys, and include everything from a sectional and armchair to a desk, bookshelf and media console.

Space Planning

Our expert team plans space requirements & patterns to come up with a perfect layout to meet client requirements.

Best Interior Design and Decor Company in Istanbul

Algedra’s interior design service in Istanbul has completed many projects from residential villas to commercial spaces, including offices, restaurants, hotels, and malls.

Islamic Interior Design

ALGEDRA offer Islamic Interior Design services. Our modern decoration is what everyone dreams of, we create subtle Islamic designs.