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Luxury Villa Design in Dubai
Luxury Villa Design in Dubai

Algedra Company recently delivered one of the projects that it had worked on, luxury villa design in Dubai. Project commenced with the stage of space planning and interior design. Villa owners chose the classic style interior for their home and Algedra team began the creative work to visualize client dream home with three-dimensional images. The works continued with the design implementation and fit-out works.

As classic style does refer to few eras, designers brought a combination of elements from Roman, Greek, and French counterparts of different times blending it into a bespoke style that has a more contemporary feel, which Algedra is famous for.

The final result is an exclusive interior design of the villa that impress with the elegance and splendor of the timeless classic style decor.

Algedra yet another time has delivered the luxury residential project in Dubai with dedication and attention to details for the highest homeowners' satisfaction.