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Modern Villa decoration in Dubai (On Going)
Modern Villa decoration in Dubai (On Going)

Our client always wanted to get an extraordinary project in a modern style, which would correspond to the newest fashion trends. And their house became a matter of pride and admiration.

We recently launch this project, we tried to build unique concept of modern interior design, The interior of this luxury villa in the style of modern classics. Each room in the house has acquired its own special character while remaining as a single entity in the overall design concept of the house.

We not only use the marble on the floor, we also placed it to the walls for decoration because the marble makes the design more glamorous and luxurious, adding with some gypsum to walls and ceilings, we shaped the gypsum in a special way to suit the size of the place and to give a distinctive harmony to the design.

The library, we designed it in a modern style, decorate separate boxes with individual lighting to highlight the value of the items that our client will use.

And to add a luxurious and warm touch to the design, we used the wood on the side wall of the stairs that leading to the upper floor because wood has a strong admirable effect on the design.