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Nowadays houses are smaller than before because they are more affordable and more practical than big houses. Our daily life has become busier so a smaller house is the best choice but with all these advantages comes a huge disadvantage of the difficulty in the interior design and the choice of furniture for these small areas.

Here are some small homes interior design tips by ALGEDRA:

 small space interior design

The Entrance:

It’s the interface that determines the taste of the house owners. It gives the first impression about the character and taste of the house owners and reflects the general look of the house. That is why we should highlight its aesthetic side by choosing bright and light colors and placing a big mirror with a small table and a comfortable chair. Also, a small potted plant is all that we need for a stylish and beautiful design yet so simple in the entrance.

 The Living Room:

This is a very important part of the house because it is where the house owners and their guests gather so it should be relaxing, comfortable, and lively. Choosing a multi-functional furniture is a brilliant idea Small sized sofas distributed around with a small simple table in the middle will create an empty space in the room for movement without causing a disturbance.

relaxing living room

The Dining Room:

Every inch of this room must be explicit because it’s where the family and guests usually gather. Use an oval-shaped table instead of a rectangular one because the oval-shaped table can gather as many people as possible and makes the movement around the room easier.

dining room for small spaces

The Kitchen:

One of the biggest problems the housewife faces is the small-sized kitchen because smaller space causes a problem in organizing the kitchen appliances and utilities in addition to the amount of things she has to give up because of the small space available. First you should determine a special space for movement and analyze the shapes and sizes of the cabinets and tables. Then determine the color and prefer the white color. Cool, mineral and lighter colors reflect the lights which make the kitchen look wider.

You can open the kitchen to the hall or the living room. This adds vitality to the house and inputs some space to the kitchen. You can also combine the living room, dining room, and the kitchen into one area.

The Bedroom:

One of the most useful tip in designing a bedroom is to use light colors that are comfortable for the eyes such as light gray which is also a practical color that combines well with all the colors of the furniture and provides space and extra lighting. Because the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, you can use a small sized bed to add more space to the room so that you can add accessories such as a mirror and other items.

 The Bathroom:

small space design for bathroom

If the bathroom is small, it’s hard to design it and place furniture in it. That’s why you should focus on placing basic essentials first and get rid of any extra things. For instance, you can put a small sized toilet, wash basin and a tub, or instead of adding a tub you can put a shower because it takes a smaller space.

You can also add a sliding door to the bathroom instead of the usual one to save space. Also use small unique cabinets as they help in storage and also save space.

Use large tiles for the floor and light colored ceramic for the walls and lights that are special for the bathroom. These tips will create the illusion of a wider bathroom.

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