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Flower Shop Decoration in Abu Dhabi
Flower Shop Decoration in Abu Dhabi

Interior design with classic style and simple beautiful decorations for a 1,503 square feet gift shop, we relied in our designs on light colors and beige, for the lightning it have been distributed geometrically, using a big golden chandelier to show the beauty of the shop’s colors and reflect the luxury of the marble flooring that we have chosen the caramel color for it, for the walls we have used light blue wallpaper with golden patterns to harmonize with the hole decoration.
And for the shop’s furniture, we have designed wooden cabinets with simple shelves and drawers  that suits the exhibited flowers and gifts, as we have designed a classical table with handmade golden patterns that have been placed in the center to show the special products
Since our furniture is classical, our team used some separations which gave a beauty touch to the

place, it have put together classical decoration with the Victorian art beauty in its details and golden color which was clearly seen in the furniture.