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Luxury Palace Interior in Abu Dhabi, Al Muroor
Luxury Palace Interior in Abu Dhabi, Al Muroor

Over the past few years, Al Muroor has maintained its position as a quiet yet and spirited place for residents, as well as the famous residential districts in Al Muroor are the best places in Abu Dhabi.

Recently Algedra has grabbed a slice of history with this luxury and magnificent palace project in Al Muroor where  we impressed its owners with uniqueness of palace exterior and interior design.

The prime theme of this palace’s exterior design is simplicity, we used white rocks for exterior finishing, since as long as it becomes older it becomes more valuable and beautiful. We reflected the simplicity of the palace’s exterior design into the interior concepts, used some elegant gypsum and some highly crafted styles, using classic furniture that gives the design to the luxurious touch, we designed skylight in the middle of the palace to get natural light.

Our team of interior design consultants, experts in fields of luxury palaces design in Abu Dhabi, modern home interior design and home decoration provides detailed and very specific concepts in order to make your dream home a reality.

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