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Restaurant Design with Authentic Levantine Cuisine in Dubai - Alhumsani

Restaurant Design with Authentic Levantine Cuisine in Dubai - Alhumsani
Restaurant Design with Authentic Levantine Cuisine in Dubai - Alhumsani

Algedra Group designed the interior of the recently opened casual dining concept AlHumsani, which brings the best traditions of authentic Levantine street food to Dubai.

The urban decor of the restaurant combines biophilic and industrial elements to create a comfortable, relaxing environment in which customers may enjoy their culinary adventure.

The location's minimalist design complements its emphasis on sustainability and usability.

The interior was designed by a team of designers that used a variety of materials and textures to incorporate natural elements as their major inspiration.

The contrast between the mellow terracotta brick and the grey sanded concrete walls that resemble highland stones and the exposed beams within softens the industrial vibe.

The restaurant's two dining rooms are divided by a wall. For more comfortable seating, there is a second area with soft sofas that have a tint that is similar to the waves of the nighttime Mediterranean water. Beige tables and chairs in the first seating area provide the impression of being on a beach. Customers can also place an order for takeout at a charming corner spot.

The designers used white marble countertops in the open kitchen and light-colored wood decorations on the walls to keep the restaurant's cheery, friendly, and welcome ambiance.

The primary decor elements that provide a sense of nature and the freshness of home-cooked Levantine cuisine are bright living wall compositions with inventive lighting.

The purpose of the design was to keep a minimalist aesthetic while creating a cozy space for enjoying the meal in private. Given the restaurant's layout, which keeps a safe distance between the tables and seating area, designers were able to achieve a pleasant interior ambiance with the materials and color palette that were chosen.

AlHumsani restaurant specializes in Levantine cuisine, which is full of taste and has deep historical roots in the region, and the Algedra design team has translated the traditions into a contemporary setting.

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