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Take a Peek Inside This Exclusive, Ultra-Luxurious Villa Design in Dubai Hills

Take a Peek Inside This Exclusive, Ultra-Luxurious Villa Design in Dubai Hills
Take a Peek Inside This Exclusive, Ultra-Luxurious Villa Design in Dubai Hills

The villa design project in Dubai Hills is a sophisticated, modern, luxury property that has undergone numerous renovations both inside and out. These improvements include sparkling chandeliers with birds suspended from the crystals' tips as if they are flying in the air, a floating staircase with gold accents, and numerous other interior design and architectural features that emphasize Algedra's masterpiece and attention to details.

We have cast glass chandeliers in the style of a floating blanket to frame the entrance area, and majlis. Furthermore, in order to add a whimsical touch, we’ve added various shapes of chandeliers in different spaces around the luxurious villa. The main living room is lit with an elegant chandelier with hues of white and yellow adding grandeur to the space.

Main entrance welcomes the guest with exclusively designed flooring with marble water-jet design. Use of warm yellow enhances the look, and minimal furnishings support the modern design. 

The majlis is a wonderful example of how traditional and Islamic interior design can coexist. Bright colors and blue are used inside along with dark wooden furnishings to create a calming atmosphere conducive to meaningful conversation, and artwork with a leopard increases the strength of the place.  

Family sitting room contributes to the modern outlook of the space. The place highlights minimal furnishings, and bright shades of decor materials contribute to less is more approach. Use of plants adds sophistication to the interior design.  

The kitchen is designed with an island to make it easy to move around, and use of high-tech home appliances improve the living. Gray, and white are the prominent colors that have been used in the area.

The master bedroom and the kids bedroom each feature a dual decor vibe. The use of natural components, marble throughout (ceiling to floor), and bird-themed artworks give both a more sophisticated feel.

The orange and beige color combination of the first floor guest bedroom is warm and welcoming. The residence also features a playground that displays the children's creative world through wall murals covered in colorful artwork.

To add to the city's allure, outdoor spaces have been decked out with organic materials, unique floors, green components, and conservatory furnishings. The architectural blocks are a good illustration of contemporary architecture, and the inclusion of a fountain and pool improves the overall quality of the space.

Enjoy the video and observe the wonderful touches our interior and exterior designers as well as engineers and architects have made.

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