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ALGEDRA's CEO response on COVID-19

As much as every one of us was looking forward to 2020 to be a great year ahead it started with what happened to be extremely challenging times full of uncertainty for the whole world.

This is an unprecedented Black Swan event that required momentous actions.

In the light of devastating events across the globe caused by novel Coronavirus (COVID19) governments are doing their best and taking all measures to slow down the pandemics and minimize the negative impact it might bring. We understand and take seriously our responsibility in supporting the efforts put to keep our community safe.

ALGEDRA has branches in several countries and we are monitoring the development of virus concerns globally in order to stay ahead of the spread and taking all necessary precautionary measures accordingly.

In response to the global outbreak of novel Coronavirus ALGEDRA has switched its all branches operations to remote work mode.

We prioritize the health of our employees, clients, and partners.

ALGEDRA prepared and made a smooth transition to enable disruptive operation of our services so our clients could enjoy their new cozy homes on time.

Ensuring well being of our employees' changes has been applied to let our team work from home, promoting teleworking across the company and practicing social distancing.

We took all the necessary precautions following the recommendations of Governments and WHO (World Health Organization) in our working environments to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

I encourage all our community to support global efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 by adopting all preventive measures to reduce risk and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Creating a comfort and cozy home environment that inspires is what ALGEDRA was always about and our team continues commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

We are all in this together, standing strong and looking into the bright post-pandemic future.

Mohab Ayoub