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Eng. Tarek Skaik receives “The Best Interior Designer” Award at DIAFA 2022

On November 4, 2022, the International DIAFA Festival held its sixth edition ceremony in Dubai. Every year, a group of artists and businesspeople from around the world are honored, and they celebrate their illustrious achievements in the presence of the world's most influential personalities in art, design and business.

The Algedra Group was exceptional and prominent at this year's DIAFA Festival, where guests witnessed Eng. Tarek Skaik, the company's head of design, was honored, and awarded for best interior designer of 2022. He deserved to be recognized for his countless accomplishments and iconic contributions to the interior design industry, which helped it reach excellence and global recognition.

The best interior designer of 2022

Eng. Tarek Skaik thanked the distinguished Algedra team for their success during his acceptance speech. He also praised the UAE, describing it as a land of opportunity that has always embraced dreamers and provided them with chances and excellent working conditions.

Tareq Skaik began his impressive career as an interior designer more than ten years ago. During that time, he had a wide range of experiences and developed a number of cutting-edge skills. By combining his innate flair for design, creativity, and practical skills, he has built a holistic vision for managing interior design projects, from programming and drawing to project management and implementation.

DIAFA 2022 best interior designer award

Eng. Skaik is a licensed international interior designer in the Middle East, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Skaik is also the head of design at Algedra Group, which he started and has since acted as a model for. 

He established the foundation for innovative interior design and the analysis of consumer desires and requirements as well as how to meet them, which the Algedra team has continued to accomplish until today, allowing the Algedra Group to stay ahead of the competition.

the best interior designer

He was and still is regarded as one of the most creative and influential interior designers throughout the Arab world, serving as an inspiration to others who aspire to succeed in the interior design industry. He thoroughly deserved the award given by the International DIAFA Festival as the best interior designer of the year 2022.