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DIAFA 2022's "Falcon of The Year" Award goes to Mohab Ayoub!

Dreams aren't something you see while you're asleep; rather, they are things that keep you awake.

We are pleased to announce that Mohab Ayoub, CEO of Algedra Group, has been awarded the title of ‘Falcon of the Year 2022’ by DIAFA. A truly deserved award for his remarkable accomplishments, successes, and contributions to keep a company afloat and thrive during difficult times.

Falcon of the year 2022

Mohab Ayoub said, "I'm honored to be named Falcon of the Year 2022.

Young business owners sometimes invest years of their lives developing a company with little to no attention, so receiving an honor of this kind is both life-changing and uplifting. Being selected Falcon of the Year 2022 was a confirmation of everything our team has achieved and will continue to achieve.

Over the past three years, my team has been supportive of both my own passion and the company's expansion and goals.

I believe that Algedra's focus on our employees and culture has been the driving force behind my success. It feels amazing to be recognized for creating an environment in which people can truly thrive and advance their careers.

It is an incredible joy to work on meaningful projects with talented people and grow as a team while changing the world.

I am especially grateful for the opportunity to grow with my coworkers here as we work to enhance psychological safety into our culture.’’

mohab ayoub - falcon of the year

This honorable award will serve to motivate upcoming leaders in various fields. It takes outstanding leadership to succeed in a difficult market, and Mohab Ayoub proudly displays this award as evidence.

We at Algedra heartily congratulate Mohab Ayoub on his exceptional leadership of our company and his unwavering vision.

The impossible is possible if we work together.