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Modern, prestigious and luxurious are named for the black and white colors. They are fine neutral colors that no can disagree on and there are present in almost all the modern luxurious designs. 

The white color which is an important basic color in interior design creates a state of balance, tranquility, and inner peace. Black is the color of luxury and sophistication. When mixed they create a great portrait so if you need elegance in your home you should go for the Black and White.

Black & White Bathroom

The contradiction between the two colors is integrated. The white color adds the illustration of vast and infinite space while black determines the distances. This contradiction creates a beautiful Complementarity.

If you wish to include the White and Black in your home décor, you should follow certain tips, guidelines, and ideas given to you by “ALGEDRA” to help you highlight the beauty of these two opposite colors. Check the tips below:

1.    While choosing the white color, the decorations, and the floor should be black because the light reflected from the walls creates an illustration of a wider and lighter space. Just in case the light is reflected from the color positions, the black and white will certainly not miss their Extravaganza.

2.    Some simple portraits in black, gray, or brown shades on the wall or some accessories and antiques in the same shades along with some crystals hanging or positioned on shelves will add great beauty to your decor.

3.    White floors are relaxing and they reflect the light hence giving a larger capacity to a room. But this color loses its charm when a lot of dark colored decorations are added along. The simpler space is decorated, the more sophistication and tranquility will come along.

Black & white interior design

4.    In order to help you break the monotony of the colors, you can ask one of ALGEDRA professionals to help you add other colors through the some complementary elements such as candles, plants, plates, or decorative pillows, a carved wooden chair, or any wooden or copper piece. This will help the space highlight the black and white distinctively.

5.    A very bright white is uncomfortable for the eyes hence it's better to choose the white color in shades such as cream, ivory, or pearl. ALGEDRA professionals will joyously help you choose the suitable shades for your space to fit in with your other decorations.

6.    While talking about the furniture, it’s important to wisely choose the fabrics of the chairs, sofas, tables, and carpets because the proportionality between the fabrics adds more beauty. The beauty of the White and black lies in the fact that a simple change in fabric, shade, or a piece changes the whole look of the room and as long as they all commensurate well, the room surely looks luxurious.

Lastly, this pattern of black and white isn't exclusive for a single room, but can also be suitable for living rooms, guest rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, kid’s rooms and bathrooms.

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