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The word Decor is a French word that means to process, prepare, and place order to suit the position held in the space (office, theater, house, chalet, shopping store, banks, hotels, etc.). This definition denies the common belief that it means only decoration.

The successful decoration is the decoration that fits the desired function inside space and doesn't cause psychological damage or disturbance due to a difficulty in usage which is a very important factor and must be considered. Thus, the decor should be compatible with each individual according to his preferences even when the site’s location and size are fixed. This determines the importance of the psychological effects of the decor and the importance of the cooperation between the user and the interior designer. 

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Then there comes a question in mind. How does the cooperation between the interior designer and the users of public places like schools, libraries, governmental utilities, hospitals and hotels work? In this case the aesthetic dimension is in control as it has a very important effect on the workers and the daily users of the place, therefore the interior designer should not repeat the ideas or the same design used somewhere else.

Division of Home Decoration:

It’s divided into two sections

  1. Interior Design: Means (the internal architecture or the internal coordination of the place) and good interior design is achieved by the cooperation between the interior designer and the architect designer who designs and coordinate the void space to fit with the required function.
  2. Exterior Design: Works on space function and the psychological tendencies of the space users. In the past, the people used to associate the interior and the exterior design in every aspect but this belief is now changed as it causes boredom to the users if they always use the same interior and exterior design.

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The new and prevailing way (though it is not new) is to rely on color tones coordination and the intervention between the materials such as timber fabrics, metals, and etc. And bringing up new ideas and restraining from the left-right symmetry and the redundancy in the design elements.

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