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Symbolizing a break from formality and embracing a more expressive life in home decor and interior design, the 1970s are back with the excitement of the futuristic world ahead bearing a modern twist feature. But somewhat unfairly, the 1970s are remembered as a decade that style forgot, but that moniker was undeserved. With its exciting colors, materials and patterns, you can enjoy the decor of the 70s in your home today.

1970s interior design captures the refreshing and hopeful mood of the decade, drawing on many of the most stylish aspects of the previous arts and crafts movement. It's the perfect theme to consider if you're drawn to a more maximalist way of decorating your home.

At this point, it's important to remember that what we're looking for here is not to create a museum exhibit that exactly replicates the decor of 50 years ago, but to draw inspiration from the 1970s, or worse, a novelty 70s venue.

Today, we're going to give you some tips for adding some sparkle to your home without feeling kitsch.

Cool colors from the 70s interior style

As previously mentioned, 1970s interior design makes great use of colors and many are iconic for those years.

Bright and rich colors

While neutrals and browns were popular in the 70s and remain so today, to add trendy hues to your decor with bright, rich colors.

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Orange, the main color of the 1970s

Plus, if you're looking for something a little more fiery, orange is the perfect 70's color that's refreshing and full of excitement.

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Different types of green

Other colors that provide a delightful 70s twist include colors with a hint of green. Teal is a bright color that stands out without dominating a space.

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In addition, olive green and khaki tones will fill the gap in the areas where you will use neutral tones. Soft and refreshing, they form the sophisticated foundation for many trendy decor trends and colors, including yellow and orange.

Patterns for 1970s-inspired interior design

In the 70s, there was a marked shift from thin-profile furniture to chunky, supremely comfortable furniture. With the decade's emphasis on casual socializing and shifting into large open spaces, homes were becoming the perfect environments for mold. Mixing bold patterns and colors became a hallmark of the 70s and is just as popular today.

Rotating shapes and patterns

The cheerful use of swirling shapes may have been a cornerstone of interior design in the 70s, but its limited use is totally in 2021. Contrasting colors used in fluid shapes are synonymous with 70s decor and you can do it easily because they're fun and stimulating. introduce them to your home. Consider using these designs on smaller pieces including cushions and even lampshades because they are bold, but don't let that limit your imagination. If you love the look and want it for your curtains, go for it!

Geometric designs with lots of right angles have come into fashion and are still enjoyed in homes around the world even today.

Floral patterns

Starting from the hippie revolution and the return to nature; large potted plants, palm-inspired prints, and even fruit patterns have become popular, allowing you to experience the 70's touch as you wish today. In keeping with floral patterns are also available in large quantities.

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Whatever the design itself, using bold colors is the secret to making the most of patterns in this trend.

Material ideas to use for 1970s interior design

What fabrics were used in the 1970s?

As mentioned, the right color and pattern is essential for your 70s themed space. You can use any material, from silk to wool, for most of the pieces you integrate into your decor, but it suits us to leave out an iconic 70s material, velvet!

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Different types of velvet were popular in the 1970s. Today, especially in fashion, velvet added some detail and texture to dark blues, greens, and black, while in the 70s it was patterned and colorful – wild and unrestrained. For those who dare to try, you can use glossy velvet home furniture perfectly in your home.

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