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Organic shapes stem from biophilic design, where the focus is nature.

It includes all the small details, from the soft curves of a nature-inspired table to the delicate buds of a flower-shaped chandelier; biophilic accents depicting the asymmetries of nature are in high demand. All materials are inspired by mother nature.

You will easily see that the organic shapes in interior design can either be very irregular or more regular which would be seen in a round lampshade or much more.

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No matter how irregular its shape, this trend is seen in furniture, lighting and decorative pieces, rugs, wall art, the popularity of arches in interior design and home decor.

The balance of using ragged lines along with diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines that you most likely already have in your space – balance is achieved. And this is actually an important design principle for interior designers.

How do organic shapes in an interior design feel?

By incorporating organic shapes into your home, you will create a sense of softness and movement in your space. The more irregular the shape, the more movement it will show. More disarrangement also means it will portray more natural and organic, similar to the organisms we can find in nature.

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More natural shapes rather than precise lines will also give a greater sense of creativity and freedom that can be used to effect greater creativity in your home or designated creative space.

Tips for Using Organic Shapes in Interior Design!

There are a few simple and easy tips for achieving organic shapes in an interior design. Here you come with some of the ones that excite us the most!

1. Use organic shapes in natural materials

To increase the natural feeling in your home, do not only choose an organic shape, but also make sure that it is made of natural materials.

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A round wooden coffee table in your space or an irregular wooden vase on your kitchen table, a basket lamp made in organic form – these are just some examples of how you can merge organic shapes with natural materials. To create an even more natural feeling.

2. Add Organic Shapes to Your Bathrooms

You can add a round tub and a wall-mounted round sink to create a special focal point in your bathroom. You can also add a curved sink with wall-mounted faucets.

bathroom design

A bathroom with round accessories looks luxurious and modern. The rounded shapes also help create a spa feel that creates a soft and soothing mood.

3- Choose a curved pendant

To create a focal point in a biophilic interior, you can choose a curved pendant. You can add it to your living room or kitchen or any other room for that matter. We especially love the wider and curved pendant lamps these days, either painted or made of organic rattan.

living room design

4. Go for a Round or Semi-Circle Bathroom Mirror

Opt for a striking round bathroom mirror instead of a rectangular one to compliment your bathroom.

You can choose a framed or unframed round mirror. It all depends on your style preference and how effective you want this framework to be.

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