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The dining room is a very important room for the family as it is a place where family members and guests gather in the eating hours. Therefore, it should be special i.e. it’s positioning, dining table, chairs, and accessories. 

In English décor, the kitchen must be near the dining room because the perfect dining table is the one that is near to the kitchen. It is also important that the vision to the kitchen must be obscure so that the guests won’t be able to see the activities inside. Also, the dining room must be near the guest room to offer ease for the guests and family members.

english dinning room

A small dining room that can accommodate the smallest amount of furniture - a buffet, table, and 4 seats has a an area no more than 3.1 x 3.7 m, a middle-sized room with a table, 6 to 8 seats, buffet, a cupboard and a walker tray has an area of 3.7 x 4.6 m, while a grand chamber can be an up to 4.3 x 5.5 m and can accommodate any number of guests.

An English dining room reflects the house wife’s elegance high taste because it provides the room with tranquility, flexibility and a sense of relaxation. Also, the presence of simplicity and the sophistication in the English design is far away from luxury, affectation and formality thus it fulfills the requirements specified for the room.

english dinning

The distinguished characteristic of the design are:

  1. Furniture legs in the form of animal hooves
  2. The engraved cello on the back of the chairs
  3. The basic curved lines

The furniture in this design is made of walnut wood, roses, pine, and olive. The walls are made of wood planks or coated with plants and flowers paintings or it would be a dark red or terracotta color while the floors are hardwood or in tiles.

english dinning room designs

It’s important to have simple curtains with simple colors in the English decoration. Accessories are also an important element in any decor and the English style focuses on flowers, especially dried ones. The pictures of luxurious frames made of gold or ceramic pots are also added up. All of these elements should be harmonious and consistent with each other.

In the end, there should be an element connecting the pieces together such as a color or the prints and engraving e.g. the ancient artifacts that distinguish the English design and makes it solo.

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