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The first thing that the visitors notice about the house is the Entrance. This part should be given a great attention hence should have a distinguished decor to let the visitors feel welcomed and prepare them for a greater beauty inside the villa or the palace.

There are very important points that should be given attention while designing Villas and palaces Entrances:

  1. The availability of enough space to design and build the entrance as the entrance design depends on its size, therefore, a small sized entrance only needs an affordable simple design. We advise you to have it in lighter shades such as White or beige. The floors should be light and must add a central and side lighting to provide the illusion of a wider space and relaxation. But if the entrance is large then there will be many choices of color, lighting, and decoration of stones. The stone in its synthetic or natural type is the best choice for the palace or the villa entrance because it lasts longer and doesn't need maintenance.
  2. It should be facing the visitor when entering the house. We at “ALGEDRA” study the work of lighting, ceilings, floors and other structural elements to be able to add a few beauty touches to the reception angle. Each lighting style has its own role in showing the beauty of the entrance such as the strong, mild, side, or internal lighting.

The floor also plays a huge role in the shape and magnificence of the entrance. “ALGEDRA” due to its proficiency and studies promises to offer the best and most beautiful types such as the waterproof, and a type which bears the heavy weight of cars, and also the customized type that has multiple colors.

Oriental Entrance:

villas landscape & entrance

Choosing the oriental style Entrance reflects the visitor the hospitality and generosity of the owner, as Arabs were well known for their hospitality and generosity.

The Oriental entrance has some distinguished styles such as the wooden door with copper or silver, or a wooden carved door with oriental decorations. You can also add some pottery jars with flowers on the sides of the entrance. It’s preferable to add pottery jars with carved Islamic decorations and some coppery oriental lanterns for lighting would make it all better.

The Western entrance:

western villas entrance

The western entrance has a large special entrance with internal and side lighting. It contains oak doors with walnut wood that is decorated with glass or a metal that resists the weather factors. It also has decorative gypsum roofs that are very desirable because of their beauty and art.

Entrances of archaeological nature:

colorful villa entrance design

This entrance imitates the Assyrian or Roman era through the winged statues in front of the main door, decorative columns or lit archways to increase the splendor of this style.

Finally, the main door’s location is usually strategic, especially if the backyard is very large and in this case it’s preferable to position a car driveway that turns to the outside gate. But if the backyard is small, a planted pathway or stone decor will be suitable or a simple outdoor ceramic to reach the villa entrance.