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The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is where the family members and their guests gather in, so it must be elegant and comfortable. Secondly the living room design reflects the taste of the house owners and their lifestyle, so if you want to display luxury, sophistication, and elegance, you should pay attention to the smallest detail while designing the living room. Here are some great tips to add luxurious touch on the room design:

Start with Furniture:

You can start with furniture first. Choosing the design and the color of the sofas is very important and you can coordinate the rest of the accessories according to the colors and pattern. Sand colors from the gold color, brown and beige and their gradients are considered the most luxurious. Then comes the white and gray to add simplicity and elegance to the room while taking into account the use of gentle colors that do not hurt the eyes when you stay in for a long time.

 refreshing living room design

Fabric of Sofas:

Determining the fabric of the sofas and curtains is very important. Certain fabrics add up luxury i.e. silk and velvet fabrics have special luster and elegance, while to create a distinction, you can add fabrics with light and thin patterns and mixing two types of fabrics or two colors between couches, chairs, and pillow fabrics.

 brown-themed living room

Wall Color Choices:

After the furniture comes the wall color choice. It must be simple and should fit with the color of the room furniture. You can use gold wallpaper or patterned wallpaper of a mixed color between gold, beige and light brown. This will definitely add luxury to the void space.

Ceiling and Flooring Designs:

In the ceiling design, adding some classical decorations along with large chandeliers will make a significant difference in the void space.

As for the floor, granite and marble come first, then the parquet and ceramic and others. Usage of natural material instead of synthetic will make a big difference as well.

 luxury living room design

Wall Decoration:

Using luxurious wall decorations such as large painting with the golden frame or old wood, classic paintings or classic luxurious lamps that add great lighting and luxurious intimate atmosphere to space is great. Also, the wood fireplace adds to the luxurious atmosphere elegance, intimacy, and warmth.


The choice of carpet from the Tabrizi carpet with classical patterns or devoid of any pattern makes your home look luxurious. It will be a very suitable choice as it will add excellence.

Other Décor:

Wall lights, chandelier, or corner lamps are the most important accessories that indicate the Excellency of the place if the designer has succeeded in choosing the appropriate forms.

Using artifacts as statues and tables decorations and the crystal will add a great touch to the room. Adding some vases with natural roses will be very beautiful in the blank space as well.

On the other hand, elegance and luxury doesn’t necessarily mean using neutral and simple colors only, as adding some bright and bold colors will add vitality and brightness to the room without causing inconsistency with the grandeur if you choose harmonious colors and distribute them correctly.

Also, elegance and luxury are not mutually exclusive to simplicity. Dispensing all the trappings, you can still design an elegant luxurious room just by simplicity, without all the gold decorations and many classical antiques.


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