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Most of the times people confuse architecture with interior design. They’re two different things and we all need to understand that. ALGEDRA’s team of architectures and interior designers have clearly differentiated these two and below is the explanation.

architecture vs interior design


It is an art of designing and constructing buildings and facilities to cover the material and moral needs of the human being, by using different construction materials and construction methods. And the architecture field expands to include a variety of sciences such as history, math, science, technology, psychology, philosophy, management and law. All of these sciences are important for the architect to be able to understand the human’s way of thinking, life, history and the factors that affect his psyche, therefore constructing buildings that are suitable for the human to adapt and live in.

The term architecture is a general term that describes buildings and physical installations. It is also a method to construct and design buildings and installations and a term used for computer architecture and software architecture, especially in the field of information technology.

Architecture is also the art of composing volumes devoted to embracing the humanities social function and activities. It also reflects the technical and cultural achievements and the aesthetic and spiritual aspirations of the society in a specific environment and a specific period of time.

interior design planning

Interior Design:

On the other hand, Interior Design is the art of decorating the empty space in a room to make it attractive, easy to use and compatible with the architecture. The goal of interior design is to create some kind of a “sense” in the empty space. The application includes wall paint, wallpaper, floors, ceilings and furniture choice and finishing such as lights, and to provide a dynamic space, and also the addition of paintings, sculptures and carpets. Such studies often take part within the internal architecture. Although the interior decoration and interior design conditions are sometimes used interchangeably between the engineer and the owner to select and present the internal rules inside the empty space, such as furniture, decorations, accessories, the design room and the interior design room. On the other hand, to coordinate and create beautiful shapes requires a manipulation in the interior architecture.

The interior designer’s job includes:

  • Analyzing client's needs, his safety needs and his objectives.
  • Finding the knowledge for the interior design.
  • An initial idea about the aesthetic side and functional side and meeting the standard criteria.
  • Develop and deliver the final design through different presentation means.
  • Prepare the work drawings and the building material specifications, and the materials and finishes, furniture, bathroom installations and equipment that conforms to the system and scientific evidence.
  • Cooperation with professional services and to access the technical licenses in the fields of mechanical, electrical and loads.
  • Prepare the contracts for the customer.
  • Review and evaluate the design while implementing and after the completion of the project.

There’s no doubt in having similarities between interior designers and architects. There are certain things that make them similar which are:

  • Both are qualified to solve problems related to empty space design.
  • Both architecture and interior design are considered as art and a science.
  • There are many technical and artistic terms that they must be familiar with.
  • Both architects and interior designers should have a number of skills.
  • Both should stay in touch with the latest news and techniques in their field.
  • They are creative people.
  • They constantly learn about new techniques introduced to their fields.

architecture planning

In general, the job or the architect is to design a house internally and externally, including the electricity, plumbing, and focusing on the exterior design and the interior decoration elements and determine tiles, floors and lighting.

While the job of the Interior designer is working on the interior design of the house (all the rooms) including the lighting, tile and floors selection, and to focus on the internal materials, finishes, hardware furniture, textiles, wall paint and wallpaper.

And in “ALGEDRA” we do these jobs professionally and with great results that guarantee the customer’s satisfaction and their happiness.