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All people know colors and studied about the basic theories of colors, but in interior design sometimes colors don’t fit our home or style, therefore we see that color circle in choosing colors is useless.

Color theory

The color circle if very important in any design and should be used correctly to have a great result.

Colors should be simplified and divided in the color circle. There are 12 main colors, and their gradient colors reach up to 36 colors.

1) Primary colors; are red, yellow, and blue

2) Secondary colors; are orange, green, and purple

3) Midiary colors, the mixture of primary colors and secondary colors.

What is design? And it's fundamentals

Design process is about creation, and creativity, by collecting elements from the environment to introduce a usable item with a meaning, and function.

The meaning of interior design

It is about making a certain space fit and suitable for certain functions or needs, including the floors, walls, ceilings, and others. It is also known as the art of space treatment.

It is also about planning and inventing a design of a building based on architectural measurements, and build it with specific budget and material. In addition to the study of lightening, home functions, and electrical issues to create a great design with comfortable function and use.

Problems and solutions for home design;

How to deal with narrow spaces and rooms;

1) Take off the doors, and open the space

2) Paint walls with bright colors

3) Big windows

4) Bright colors of furniture

5) Don’t use a lot of home accessories, use small ones

6) study and apply natural and artificial lightening

7) use mirrors

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