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Ideas for an attractive garden

1) One of the new ideas is adding high items like statues and cactus plants surrounded by colored flowers. Also, on the side of the garden white flowers can be added to give white color giving snow effect.

2) Add to the garden big crock designed with water fall that give relaxing sound of water, surrounded by small colored stones, grass, and plants.

3) Another idea is using a wooden garden chair with plants around both sides.

4) Spread different decorative pieces around the garden in different places.

5) In the middle of the garden there should be a place for gatherings and parties, so choose a table and chairs that fit the size and style of your garden, and choose them to be made from steel so they don’t get effected by the changing weather.

6) Decorate the garden walls.

7) Lighting is essential so use bright and colorful lightings.

8) Decorate the garden's fence by plants and paints.