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Black Home Décor is one of the bravest options and at the same time can look most elegant as black color is perceived as a symbol of luxury and aristocracy.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

Not without a reason even most posh dress code is called -“Black tie”.

Black is an achromatic color, which means has no hue and can be combined with any other color.

Black color itself is often considered moody and dull and being in dark space may affect overall moods- that is why it is so important to use a proper techniques of blending it into your home interior.

Different approaches in using black for décor within different interior design styles.

You might consider using black color in your bedroom design as it is not a secret that we get best sleep in a complete darkness.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

Mix of black and gold colors emphasizes wealth and prestige, while using exclusive materials like velvet, marble and stone will help to create exquisite design.

Other great colors to mix black for opulent look would be colors of gem stone like purple, emerald and ruby. Such combinations often used in trendy neo baroque style.

Black and white contrast is a classic that creates more strict design, so adding some bright color accents will transform it into more positive ambiance. 

Black color in different shades may be used in other areas of your home like kitchen, bathroom or entertainment room.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

Black would look great in a spacious bathroom and should be avoided in small areas.

Latest trend- black tap wear for the bathrooms looks super sleek in modern minimalistic design.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

Black color surprisingly can look great in the kitchen area as well.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

While in the kitchen black wouldn’t be a base color, rather be used as an accent in furniture and flooring.

Black semi matte wooden texture kitchen cabinets will give a refine look to your kitchen design.

On the other hand black matte surfaces has minimalistic reflection ability so should be used in modest quantities. Glossy surfaces and textured materials are preferred when using pure black.

If you like black color but going full black is too much adding black accessories to your interior definitely good option.

Black velvet upholstery for the furniture, glossy black commodes, black glass in chandeliers, smaller accessories like vases and other utilities are great accents in interior whichever main color you choose.

Interior Design Companies in Istanbul

We see presence of black color in various styles such as Art Deco, Glamour, Minimalism, Neo Baroque, Industrial and even Classic.

Black color is definitely not for everybody and would require assistance of interior designer to incorporate it in a right way into your interior.


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