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Classic French style in the interior appeared in the 18th century, and since then, it has not only won the hearts of residents of France, but also the other parts of the world. It's not been amiss to say that the French interior design is a kind of mixture of the noble styles such as Baroque, Rococo, and Empire.

French interior style in the interior depends on the range of colors. The use of light pink and lilac in combination with green and silver is very common while the floor covering involves the use of different yet unique materials. Rococo style made notes of noble tenderness, in the form of use of predominantly pastel palette of shades. Baroque style helped to create an image of the royal chambers, but without much pomposity.Interior Design Companies in IstanbulIn French style interior design, there’s a glamorous, sophisticated environment lift. The glossy ceramic granite or polished natural stone, parquet or laminate with light wood textures is commonly used. The floorboards can be painted with light color tones.

The walls are usually painted with matte or semi-matte paint. Special romantic French interior give the wallpaper with a picture of an old calico.

Characteristic features of the French Style:

  •     Discreet luxury
  •     Pastel colors
  •     Wrought iron mirror or furniture
  •     You can use antique items
  •     Moldings
  •     Gold is suitable for decoration
  •     Parquet or quality glossy tiles for flooring
  •     Fireplace
  •     High ceilings


Shades in the French Interior:

Interiors executed in this style are characterized by the use of predominantly pastel colors: beige, white, pale pink, caramel, pale blue, pale yellow, light green. Dark shades may show up in furniture finishing: brown, bronze and gray. More juicy shades are sometimes used for the creation of bright accents (mainly in tint palette accessories): red, orange, blue, and gold.


Execution in French direction:

Walls: There are two basic types considered for the walls: the smoothness and texture.

The first kind involves painting the walls in a discreet pastel tone.

The second type encourages the use of wallpaper with elegant designs, embossing, texture, textile, or vinyl wallpaper.

Floors: For the surface of the ground floor, it is best to cover the parquet in the perfect light amber color. In addition, you can use glossy floor tiles with unusual golden patterns.

Ceiling: Ceiling surface should be covered with gypsum board, and at the final stage, it should be supplemented by elements made of polyurethane moldings.Interior Design Companies in IstanbulLiving room in French Classic style:

Let's start with the color of the walls. The room will look just fine with walls painted in a light beige color, the floor should be few shades darker than the color of the walls, and the ceiling is painted in white color.

To give the room the French interior design style, use the soft furniture which is at the same time elegantly implemented, possibly with wooden armrests and high legs. Shades of sofa upholstery and armchair should vary such as in gray, brown, beige, or white tones. The same can be used for the shade of cabinet and a coffee table. The coffee table can also be made of wood as with a lot of finely carved inserts, as of metal, decorated with elements of forging.

The decorative part cannot be ignored; pictures on the walls strictly in elegant frames or massive framed mirrors are welcomed. In these areas, you will also find the graceful table lamps, volume chandeliers, forged candlesticks, big vases, fireplace, cushions with golden embroidery, as well as air chiffon curtains.

Interior Design Companies in IstanbulFrench bedroom interior:

As we have previously considered, the walls should be light. Bedroom interior will look perfect in sand shades, with a smooth transition into the golden palette. The floor can be completely covered with a soft carpet, again, sandy, or beige tones. Linens and decorative pillows should ideally be in harmony with the overall design so the light palette of milk will be ideal in French classic interior design. You can decorate the room with pictures, mirrors, wall sconces, and big vases.

French Bedroom

Bathroom in French style:

First of all the bathroom should be as light themed as possible. Hence, if it consists a window, this is an advantage. But even if the room has no windows, the room can be filled with artificial light providing a variety of wall and ceiling lighting. A light palette of the walls, floor and ceiling will add more light to the room. Therefore, the overall color of the bathroom should vary between white and creamy blue palette. Or, if you want to make a bathroom more romantic, you can cover the walls moisture with the resistant wallpaper having a floral ornament.

French Bathroom

A few tips for decorating in the French style:

Remember, the interior should be restrained, so it is best to eliminate all the moments of pretentiousness;

  •    Overall design should look elegant
  •    Minimum use of accessories
  •    When selecting furniture, try to look closely to the model, a stylized "antique"
  •    Do not forget about moldings, it will help complete the look
  •    In the interior, you can safely give preference gilded objects, but do not forget about moderation

 Classic French style in the interior is a representative of the elite interior directions bordering with refinement, solidity, nobility, with a clear focus on user-friendliness, without any hint of the majestic supremacy.

For more French interior design ideas, watch the video with French Style Design by ALGEDRA

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