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Classic style was formed in the 17th century and became the epitome of elegance and good taste. It is still relevant in our time and it is believed that will never go out of fashion. The simplicity and accuracy of lines, clarity and symmetry of shapes, moderation in decorations - inherent attributes of this style in interior design. However, it is not uniform in the interior. It identified a number of areas: classical, Baroque, Rococo and Empire.

Classic style in interior design.

The interior in classic style should be a symmetry and harmony. Not necessarily in everything but the asymmetry or chaos will ruin the atmosphere of the interior.

Materials should be only natural. Shades of color: warm, bright, pastel with minimum color contrasts.
Classic style furniture should itself be an adornment with valuable tree species, of which made. There shall be no curls or gem stones.

The ceiling in the living room needs to be done in white and increase the visual height of the room. This style required the presence of moldings, cornices, and all sorts of baguettes. Classic requires presence of lighting chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps variety. Crystal or glass chandelier in the center - it's mandatory. The walls are covered with paint or wallpaper. Drawing on the walls must be saturated, large.

classic style interior

Heavy curtains with noble folds give the living room a royal luxury. Large mirrors are an integral part of classicism, visually expand the room and make it more light and airy.

classic living room

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