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The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house. What matters the most for the lady about the kitchen is comfort and functionality, but the style is also important. So most of the designs were based on three important tools that form a triangle, the shorter the sides the better. These tools are the oven, the refrigerator, and the sink. These are the most important furniture items in the kitchen.

This station makes the 3 main points of the triangle. Hence, the sides of the triangle are measured from the center of the sink, refrigerator, and the oven, so the refrigerator is closer to the door, so that whoever wants to use it doesn't necessary enter the kitchen.

It’s preferable to position the sink next to the window or natural lighting, as for the oven it must be next to the nearest ventilation source. And for best results, it is preferable that the triangle perimeter range from 4-8 meters and each side of the triangle shouldn't be less than 1.25 meters in length and not more than 2.75 meters.

 kitchen interior design

There are various kitchen styles:

One row kitchen: All the furniture and appliances on one wall and it is a long narrow rectangular.

Two rows kitchen: All the cabinets, appliances, and furniture are positioned on parallel walls, this kitchen is also long rectangular shaped but wider than the previous one.

A rectangular or square kitchen: the cabinets are placed on 2 or 3 sides according to the space available. This kind of kitchen is the most suitable kind, all the appliances and tools are near and it is easy to move around in it.

Island style kitchen: It is either a large rectangular or square shaped kitchen, cabinets are placed on the walls, in the middle there is the food preparation table, oven, and other items.

 stylish kitchen design

Electrical Appliances:

Before choosing electrical appliances like the dishwasher, oven. Refrigerator, washing machine and ventilation hood. You should determine where to position them first.

It is preferable to position the oven and refrigerator near each other, to make it easier to move while cooking.

Wood cabinets are preferable because they have high durability and bear vapors and humidity while surfaces are better to be granite or marble because of their durability and they bear humidity and heat. Make sure they are in nice dark color because some foods can stain granite or marble.