Elegant Home Design Color

In order to get a stylish and harmonious interior is very important to combine colors. To design all the details of the interior in one style is Art, but in one color - a typical and common mistake. Seed favorite colors and based on that make up an interesting mix of colors - and neutral accent, contrast, light and dark.

- Third colors usually show the first two colors used, it should be applied in only 10%

- Take into consideration that bright colors fit small and narrow spaces and rooms, by making it look spacious in addition to low ceilings, unlike big rooms that use high ceilings and dark colors to reduce space.

Colors Interior Design

Arrangement of colors

The normal way of color arrangement seems one of the easiest ways but not the most beautiful option.

In using colors we should consider the following;

1) The harmony of colors

2) The balance between color and space

3) The richness of colors

Interior design colors

Actually colors have great effect on people's moods and personalities, and on creating a comfortable living space

- Warm colors, are fire colors like red, orange, and yellow

These colors represent happiness, and strong personality, while combining these colors show anger.

- Cold colors, are water, sky, nature colors like green, blue, and purple, these colors give sense of calm and peace, but can be applied in hospitals.

- Primary colors are the main colors, which are red, yellow, and blue, that create the rest of colors

- Opposite colors. Through applying opposite colors rule, blue fits orange, red fits green, and yellow fits purple.

- Middle colors, like red-orange, and green-yellow

Colors in Interior Design

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