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Modern decors are distinguished for their harmonious and simple lines. The wavy white color that contradicts with soft pastel colors in the living room gives it the harmonious relaxing feeling that each family member seeks.

In addition to that in the following picture, the round mirror placed in a position that reflects the porch and the swimming pool to give the illusion of a wider space.

contemporary family sitting room

Also the wooden table in the middle of the room with its semicircle and wavy edges is placed to keep the smell of nature around, achieves some sort of balance with the glass dining table which is surrounded by chairs with soft cotton cloth that is comfortable for the family members.

contemporary bedroom

And a light carpet adds a special space to a large room or even a small room and goes well with the harmonious aura inside and outside the room.

classic living room

As for the living room furniture, if the family chooses the modern design, it should go for warm classic colors or what is trendy if they choose multiple colors design. Because the modern design beauty lies in the classical romantic shades and between the suitable practical colors.

Pillows are essential for a comfortable seating that’s why their fabrics are made of cotton and linen or even the treated fabrics. In addition to the color contrast, the pillows should be decorated or multicolored to provide a relaxing feeling to the room.

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