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ALGEDRA is distinguished with its elegant and distinctive that suits all kinds of taste and our team is creative in following the latest trends. The company has presented many modern designs and presented 3D pictures of the designs so the clients can see the consistency between the designs, colors and light for his dream house before applying it to reality.

Bedrooms are distinctive for their luxury and elegance. ALGEDRA uses the modern elegant style for the baroque floor even the bed is distinctive made of natural wood or metallic bed and the bedside tables with modern lighting either wall mounted or side lighting like table lamps. The chandeliers have modern lines that are very different to the traditional. ALGEDRA engineers added the best details that will savor the privacy in the bedrooms.

As for the living rooms they have many models. Simple lines and comfortable designs, sofas either in leather or fabric in colors that suit the personality of the owners. The sofas have some metallic or wooden pieces such as the armrest. As for the available decors, it is not important for them to be made of gold, silver or crystal they are distinguished for their natural decors and manual configuration. Modern lighting in all its lines table lamps, modern chandeliers or even distinctive lighting within the mural decorations.

Modern Interior Design

Dining rooms have many models but it preserved the same elegant and modern style. The table is either made of wood or glass with a distinctive base, as for the dining table chairs they are simple and sometimes are multi-colored or in one color that suits the dining room.

As for the kitchen, ALGEDRA has again excelled in presenting many models in wood or metal, but we also focus on everything new and modern, washing basins of marble or metal, special lighting for each kitchen section, the modern tools that cover all the needs of the kitchen cabinets and is characterized by excellent quality and resistance to moisture and temperature factors, multiple colors and many things that will satisfy all tastes.

Luxury Interior bedroom

All about home design based on recent developments and cutting-edge technology and to ensure the security and safety with quality-made, ALGEDRA provide the best advice and the best suppliers, will also provide advice during the design and implementation stages through the wonderful designs.