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Renaissance (fr.Renaissance, ital.Rinascimento) - an era in the history of European culture, which replaced the culture of the Middle Ages. Approximate chronological framework of the early XIV- last quarter XVI centuries. A distinctive feature of the Renaissance - the secular nature of culture and its anthropocentrism (ie interest, first of all, to a man and his activities). Appears interest in ancient culture, it is as if its "rebirth" - and came the term.

Renaissance Interior Design

The interiors of palaces impressed with monumental spatial effects, magnificence of marble staircases and rich decor. Living rooms and bedrooms were furnished with expensive furniture, performed in the spirit of antiquity. The floor, walls and door frames lined with marble; or log coffered ceiling trimmed with wood.

Renaissance furniture is characterized by a clear form, clear construction and numerous architectural elements. Carcass furniture solved as architectural structure, as a miniature palace with columns, pilasters, cornices, pediments.

Furniture Design

Renaissance ornamentation starts from ancient samples. Widely used various forms of columns, pilasters, acanthus leaf, cupids, also was entered into the everyday life of the grotesque, developed on the basis of patterns found on ancient Roman wall paintings; were widely used arabesques, platting, cartouches, festoons, garlands, lion heads, griffins, etc.

After the bed the second most important piece of furniture - a chest-Cassone (with carving, inlay and painting). There are two types of tables: rectangular with a thick table top on two massive abutments and center, or one-pillar, with a round table tops, six or octagonal shape. Particularly decorative famous Venetian furniture: chests, cabinets decorated with paintings, stucco, gilding.

Main materials: black and white wood (oak, walnut), ivory, stone, marble, sandstone.

Colors: soft and light, dark and gloomy; cool shades of white and pastel shades.

Algedra Renaissance Style

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