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Change and dynamic are the headline for colors adjustment within the house, especially for the walls. Decoration does not look perfect unless the colors are comfortable, bright and fits the decoration.

ALGEDRA architects focus on an attraction point in the place, hence to use the central wall with different colors and decoration.

There are too many options for the central wall in salons, living rooms or even bedrooms that are recommended by ALGEDRA’s designers to help you decorate the central wall in a different special way. Here are some elegant and artistic ideas for an attraction point:

Multi Optional Painting: Hand draw, wallpapers, ceramics, woods, mirrors, ferfoge designs, different pictures, rack and different types of gypsum boards.

decoration central wall

The central wall can be a display to show wooden sculptured racks or glassy ones with the photos of the family or some other picture in a familiarity artistic way.

In the modern saloons, the central wall contains lightening cavities, TV can be there, some pieces of reflecting crystals would look extremely elegant. Some paintings, sculptures or colorful candles can be placed in these cavities.

Heater location makes the central wall an axial object, ALGEDRA’s designers recommend two console pieces on the sides of the heater as it will be an axial for the central wall itself, placing these consoles make a great decoration balance in the place.

Wallpapers are assorted choices of drawings and shapes, it can be enough to apply wallpaper on the central wall and paint the other walls.

algedra wall decoration

Wallpaper is not necessary to fit with decoration in the room, one is enough. But in general, pastel colors are recommended as they fit everything mostly.

It is recommended to avoid colors that limit your choices, as well as protrusions in the wallpapers in order to avoid getting strict to certain options.

Drawing on the central wall is an artistic advantage for those who desire the real art, the wall is going to be big cheerful painting.

Paint is the proper choice for regular changes. ALGEDRA’s designers recommend painting a brave strong color to give the place an adventurous dimension. An addition of wooden framed big mirrors will enforce the boldness of the chosen color.

Stoney decoration is the most popular due to its unique beauty and lavish strong look. A variety of designs is available. Installing stone decoration to the central wall, or making it as a TV and accessories cabinet, or even an aquarium will show an excessive luxury.

excessive luxury design

The loveliest thing in wood that it is enforcing the natural view in the living room, along with a dark beige parquet with woody wallpaper.

GRG gypsum 3D French designs resist fire and humidity, prevent echo and 80% insulates sounds. It is easy to install and have the best designs for the bed back, bedroom, salon or living room.

Decorated fiber plates can be also painted with many colors, and placed in the same places.

Drawing on the wall is the most wanted by many, and recommended by ALGEDRA’s designers.