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 Landscape Design
Landscape Design

People are becoming practical and demanding of the living environment. The practical, aesthetic, horticultural and ecological sustainability of the landscape comes to the fore. Today, the services of a designer are indispensable. Specialists realize the ideas of the customer. They bring to life the most incredible dreams.

A popular independent trend is part of landscape design. It consists in using the potential of the natural features of the landscape, which are transformed in the hands of the designer.

The three most important levels of landscape design are:

  • Landscape planning - design of suburban recreation areas, national parks, resorts.
  • Design of botanical gardens, city boulevards, embankments and parks.
  • Landscaping specialization - planning and design of a garden at a country house or on the roof; organization of a residential yard, arrangement of plants in the interior.

Algedra landscape designers are a manager, an artist, an engineer and even a bit of a constructor. Our specialists have interdisciplinary knowledge, as they encounter related disciplines in their work. They are versed in architecture, civil engineering, geodesy and handicrafts.

Our designers know how to combine artistic intent with technical knowledge. Therefore, we understand urbanism, the basics of composition, color, styles, materials, and the psychology of communication. For the proper organization of space, you will need knowledge in the field of soil science, botany, engineering.

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