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The arabesque art has developed in first Islamic empires, especially in the Abbasid period, which is classified as the golden age for Islamic art and science. In that period as well, the translation of writers took place, like translation of Iqleedes, who wrote about geometric shapes and triangles which were the basis of arabesque art. Arabesque style doesn't have drawings of mankind or animals, while the lines, patterns, plants' drawings are all most common in arabesque. 

Arabesque furniture design had been very common in variety of Islamic homes, not only in furniture design but also in windows and lightening. 

Arabesque interior design in mosques and palaces wasn’t only applied on mashrabyas which are windows, but also on whole rooms that were fully made of arabesque. And in spite the interior design and décor revolution including modern, contemporary, and classic styles, Arabic decoration style still has its own style and importance, like the Indian, British, and French styles that can never be demolished or eliminated from design history. Modern arabesque furniture is used mainly to give a creative look to any space. Arabesque furniture also brings a luxurious touch to that area where it’s used.

In Arabic home styles it’s very common to find a corner or room with fully Arabic furniture, addition to accessories like frames, Quran holder, lightings, and other accessories. Designer Imad al-Bartawi, expert in Islamic décor, provided many ideas and advices, including the design of an oriental hall with full arabesque design, starting from chairs, couches, tables, walls, ceilings, and even small accessories that complete the design like frames and lightings. This room will have that historical and traditional feeling that gives warmth to the place. Arabesque modern style is also a common feature that’s highlighted by many other designers. Modern arabesque interior design gives a unique and stunning look to the space and the guests cannot simply stop appreciating it.

The secret behind arabesque permanence through our centuries is the value of that art, and people who value it and demand it. This art used and applied the new technology to its industry in the modern time. It is important to note that the only competitor for Egyptian arabesque, which depends on beech, cooper, shells, and silver, is the Syrian arabesque, which is not as famous as the Egyptian one. On the other hand, the décor expert Mohammad Al-Ghaturi notes that it is possible to blend arabesque into modern and contemporary furniture through keeping balance and adding the suitable accessories to have a great result. For example, using arabesque couches, with hand made rug that has warm colors patterned with geometric shapes or Arabic patterns. We also can use beach chairs with arabesque of high-quality shells.

Al-Ghaturi also referred to the great effect of arabesque especially in bedrooms, whether fully or partly made of arabesque giving richness and warmth.

We can't neglect the lightening, that plays very important role in completing the modern arabesque style, and shows its beauty. It is preferred to have warm and low lightings, through using yellow color which will show the patterns and engravings of arabesque. In modern arabesque design the most preferred colors are beige, and light colors closer to white, and should stay away from dark colors.

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