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What is Bohemian interior design?

Bohemian style, so often called Boho and Boho Chic, takes it roots from France in 1800th. It is an eclectic style with no restrictions due its unconventional and free spirit ideology.

Bohemian interior design concept is inspired by Boheme – like minded people living carefree lifestyle often involved in arts, music and spiritual development.

Even though Bohemian style is free and has no restrictions there are interior design elements that distinguish that style and you may always see the difference between stylish Bohemian design home interior and home cluttered with various décor items.

Here are 5 Bohemian interior design elements defining Boho Chic Style:

  • Furniture

Bohemian style furniture

Bohemian design furniture is often vintage, or unique crafted pieces. Making home interior personalized and exclusive. Most often Boho style furniture is wooden and rattan, but not necessarily as this style has developed and contemporary Bohemian sees new materials used, with no distinctive form due to ideology of freedom.

  • Colors

Bohemian colors

Color palette of Bohemian interior is a combination of earthy colors with bright.  And this is what makes it different from Shabby Chic style where colors are earthy and pastel- Boho Chic in opposite can be in very saturated colors.

  • Home Décor items

Bohemian cushions

Macramé – knotted textile art decorations and dream catchers, cushions of all forms sizes and colors, lanterns, candles and incense, hammocks. Hammocks, indoor swings and Hanging Chairs most popularized items that make this style recognizable by everyone. While Hammock mostly used for summer house, Indoor swings and Hanging chairs found their way into other interior styles creating perfect Instagramable moments in luxury homes and other spaces.

  • Rugs

Bohemian rugs

Bohemian style rugs -is another distinguishing interior element, most often of bright colors and various patterns inspired by Arabesque, Moroccan or Aztec culture. Vintage or contemporary can be in different geometric forms.

  • Plants

Bohemian plants

Apart botanical motifs, real plants are used a lot in decorating Bohemian design home. Palm trees, cactus and Peace Lily are most common plants that suit perfectly and require minimum effort in taking care of.

Plants are making interior livelier and incline into connection with earth.

Bohemian design home décor items may vary depending on homeowner’s personality as often it is items from various cultures and travels in different countries.

Bohemian style

If you are one of a stricter classy style and find bohemian interior design for living room a bit too simple for you, you may find Bohemian outdoor design appealing.

Bohemian patio design with low sitting table, cushions, lanterns, hammock or dreamy swing- an idea to try this design. Laidback, cozy and inviting to socialize- those Boho design décor items are perfect combination for your backyard.

Bohemian interior design is free flowing and easy to achieve, what makes it perfect for outdoor design.

Boho Chic once been interior style chosen by Boheme, in past years popularized by Instagram and youtube influencers much seen on the background of their photos and videos is evolving and is more often finding its way to luxury villas, loft apartments and beach houses.

So loved by nomadic generation of millennials became very popular and seems to remain trendy for long.