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Colors are considered an important factor reflecting the psychological state of the person and they have an impact on the self. They’re often linked to the nature of the personality, and these influences are reflected by the accelerated heart rate and movements of the eyelids.

Most of the specialists in psychology today are focusing on colors and their close relationship with the general mood of a person.

For this month, we’ve chosen the color red – bright, captivating and one of the active choices. Let’s see how it affects us and can be used in our interior. Read the details by ALGEDRA Interior design.

The Red Color

It’s the color of passion, strength, energy, love, excitement, speed, temperature, ambition, leadership, and risk.

The red color is one of the three primary colors and given the color circle. We can choose the colors coordinated with it. If we want to choose a disparate color then green is the right color. But if we choose gradient colors take the red color and the two colors adjacent to it.

Red Themed Living Room

For Dining Room

In interior decor red is a beautiful and warm color for it gives a luxury and depth that fits the classic house as well as the modern. We adore maroon red in particular that stands beautifully in home accessories such as aromatic candles in the guests room and in the hospitality crockery in the dining rooms and kitchens and bedrooms’ table lamps.

The most important effects of the red color are that it stimulates gastric juice in the stomach and awakens and opens the appetite. It is widely used in the dining rooms and restaurants, in general, because of its effect on appetite.

For Bedroom

It's an interesting color that awakens emotions and it is a symbol of fun and makes you feel close and it increases the speed of your pulse. Without spoiling the elegance of the place and of its excellency, as it is one of the strongest and most dominating color in the place, so using it in the main bedrooms demonstrates the intelligence of the designer.

In Children Bedroom

In children's bedrooms, it promotes energy and vitality and fun in the room, so it's an excellent choice, especially in girls' rooms.

This color is characterized by warmth and strength and sophistication. Red can make things distinct from others and become the focus of attention. It is a strong color and if frequently used may raise anger and bother people, so it's best used simply and quietly, as a platform in a room or background to highlight the exhibits of antiques and others.

Red and Gold:

Mixing it with gold demonstrates prestige and luxury unparalleled, both in the wallpaper, furniture, accessories or curtains, and even when it is used in the bathroom.

Oriental Living Room

Red and Yellow:

The red color is used with yellow degrees up to the light beige in the furniture, paint and accessories to give a sense of calm and vitality and warmth to the decor. And they are used for a family that doesn't gather much in one place where they help to bring happiness, joy and bonding.

Red and Black

If we want to use red to give the design a more upscale and luxurious look we just have to combine it with a less sharp color like Gray or a calmer color like black, these colors are used for those who move a lot to restrict their movement.

Red and Green

The integration of the red color with a complementary color such as a green room adds to the room the spirit of the nature of calm and relaxation and warmth. These colors are used for those with stressed nature in order to help them to calm down and relax.

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