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Among a variety of styles of interior decoration it is difficult to choose the most versatile. Therefore, most of the rooms being designed based on several criteria: comfortable, modern, beautiful. All these features can define Contemporary style or a “modern classic”.

The main signs of Contemporary style Contemporary, as an independent style, finally was formed in the late 20th century. Scandinavian style was the inspiration for the creation of such interior projects. Simplicity of form is the main feature of this kinship.

 Contemporary Style

The main characteristic of the interior in "modern classics" style is the interweaving of traditional decorative elements with modern techniques of design. Due to a special combination of simple lines and neutral tones give the necessary room warmth and comfort.

 Contemporary Style

Contemporary style has concise execution of decorative elements, but their diversity prevents from calling this trend minimalism. You can also highlight the following attributes of style:

 • Conciseness execution of furniture and accessories;

• Typical minimalist techniques diluted with the variety of details;

• Minimum window decoration;

• Geometric prints;

• Moderation and naturalness;

• Functionality;

• Practicality;

• Free space.

Bright representative of the interior in the style of Contemporary can be one in which there are plastic chairs, furniture without handles with a glossy finish, roller blinds on the windows combined with a rich multilevel lamps, colorful carpet and vases, which will soften the severity of the lines of minimalist style. In fact, Contemporary - minimalism, decorated with classic objects. From high-tech style is distinguished by the lack of direction of "coldness". This can be achieved by using bright panno and wallpapers, unusual flooring and colorful carpets 

Geometric print can be applied on the floor and wall coverings. In addition, this pattern can decorate curtains on the windows and furniture. In this case, the product made of cloth could not be decorated with lambrequins, tassels, folds, and similar items. As the curtain it is preferable to use roller blinds, Roman blinds or shutters. If you want to use cloth curtains all that can be used to decorate the windows - is thin tulle. Then the style will be met, and window openings will not be left empty.

The rest of decor items should be used sparingly. Matching accessories will be those where there is no pattern. Accessories should have geometrical shape, such as, for some room round vase or square plate for fruit will fit perfectly. Paintings and photographs on the walls can be without any frames.

 Contemporary Style

The presence of bright unusual pieces in the interior are allowed, but it must be one, and maintained in the overall theme.  Then all the rest framing of the room will easily create harmonious union with a central element.

To create the desired image of the room the most suitable materials are:

•  glass;

• textiles;

• metal;

• artificial materials;

• stone

In Contemporary design it’s better to use natural fabrics. Its natural color and texture will emphasize the naturalness of lines and environment.

Flooring can be smooth and shiny, or covered with a soft carpet. Floor design can zone the premises. It is fashionable and practical technique used to create an image of the room. Ceilings should be monochrome light shade. Simple plastic windows and doors will be the perfect complement to the overall environment.


Smooth flow of colors from one to another is another peculiar feature of Contemporary style. Muted and dull shades preferred. Among them, the color of melted milk, cocoa, khaki, some shades of gray, cream color and ivory. Even if you want to dilute the monotony of the color pattern, it should give the impression of faded colors. Such monotony fills room with calmness and balances the internal state.

If it is necessary to use bright spots, their size must be minimized. So you will be able to keep the overall mood of the room. An excellent option, with which you can dilute the monotony of the color scheme is animal skin coloring. It may contain zebra color , leopard or tiger. Also small accessories, such as blue or red pillows or vases won't break the general state of peace.

The furniture in the style of modern classics

 Contemporary style by ALGEDRA Interior Design

Functionality and ergonomics - these are the main characteristics of furniture suitable for the interior in the style of contemporary. But presence of some sophistication detail in design does not deprive its main function.

Especially popular are variety of storage systems. More it is compact and capacious, the better it will fit into the interior conceived. Despite above central element in the environment can be artsy wardrobe or carved chest of drawers. The main thing is that   such furniture is only one and, accordingly, was beaten by the other objects, which will become the backdrop for such furniture.

A feature of the room, decorated in the Contemporary style, becomes concealed lighting. Modern technologies allow creating niches in which lamps securely hidden, adding ease to the room.

If the built-in furniture should have a clear shape and the right line, the soft furniture can have streamlined shape. Smooth lines provide the desired room comfort and soften the rigidity of the rest of the decor.

Contemporary style interior design is for those for whom comfort and functionality is more important than external splendor and chic decor. This fact allows this decor to be on top of the rankings of styles for many years.