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Algedra Group continues to implement luxury residential projects and capture the hearts of its clients. The company, which has carried out businesses in the Middle East and many other countries over the world, has put a new villa project into practice in Dubai.

While looking at the details of the villa, we see the masterfully applied design styles, the usage of materials and the spectacular atmosphere.

This luxury villa project, which has more than twelve rooms, is the product of a meticulous work created by the professional interior design and engineer team of Algedra and it is blended on same wavelength with luxury and glamorous details.

The most striking detail in the project is the implementation of mixed styles which is the project consists of a blended of varied components.

As we mentioned earlier, the style used in the entrance of villa is a merged of modern and classic French styles. These two design approaches are blended on the demand of the clients. The niche detail of the modern ceiling and classic chandeliers give a profound vista.

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In addition, the use of accessories and bracket lamps in classic style added a spacious and airy outlook to the space. The modern patterns practiced in this part of the villa with the details which is used in a harmony, as well as the form of style applied on the walls, has been provided and utilized in a classic style by underlining on the variety ingredients.

Since natural light is required to ingress to the men majlis, this part of villa has been designed with high ceilings and large windows. The modern style is enriched with classic touches. The patterns of the meshrebiye prepared with great care are compatible with the walls. Utilization of three materials in the furniture and the euphonious of brown, black and gold details is given exceptional look to room.

The dining room is contained Islamic and modern style. The U-shaped dining table brings the panorama of garden into home. In this area where green color is also preferred, there is a unity with the garden, and the usage of hidden lights in meshrebiye is also illuminated the darkness of the every corners.

The most distinguished feature with its beauty in the place that where the stairs are, is the water jet usage. The details of the black marble implementation and the patterns of the ceiling are combined each other with same components. The style of the water jet has an oriental use, also by considering the safety of children, a door is built frontier of the stairs. The dead area under the staircase has been revived by creating an aquarium.

The outdoor seating place of the house is decorated in modern style and has a remarkable feature. Leaf patterns, green and blue color palette are weaved to create a splendid and extraordinary perspective. It is vital to homeowners as it is a comfortable and refreshing environment that is used in daily life.

Interior Design Companies in Turkey

On the other hand, ladies majlis was the most works spot to things get done carefully with usage of enormous details and classic lines, as well as it is a refreshing environment with purple and floral colors. In the room where the floral concept is applied, there are chandeliers, curtains and floral textures which is added in details.

Interior Design Companies in Turkey

Another magnificent layout is a bedroom with a neo-classical style and a luxury mirror with rose-gold details. The fabric of the leather and aluminum is very convenient for cleaning.

Villa has enough space in terms of square meters and we know that entertainment and relaxation are very important in such projects. Therefore, a cinema room was reckoned.

In the main bedroom, pastel colors and gray touches were used in line with the customer's demand. The brown bed is matched with the gold details where covering the wall. There is also a solidarity in the ceiling and flooring. In the room, where there are two luxurious armchairs, a quality velvet fabric is used.

Interior Design Companies in Turkey

The bathroom, one of the other rooms, has special strokes from the ALGEDRA team. Multiple sinks were made in front of the same mirror upon special order and there is a specially designed faucet.

Whilst blinking an eye to the dressing room, we see that it is a room where Neo-classical style is dominant and there are large wardrobes, the house has a professional make-up area that can be used for ladies.

Interior Design Companies in Turkey

The lights on the ceiling of the kids bedroom illuminate the place by adding a sophisticated look to the room, just like the stars shining in the dark. In this part of area, fiber optic is contributed as a material on the ceiling and a harmony in terms of color is achieved in the walls and curtains.

Interior Design Companies in Turkey

We continue to accomplish great works with our projects, where comfortable spaces are blended harmoniously in terms of both material and colors with luxury and variety designs.

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