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empire interior style

Empire interior design style is originated in the second half of the XVIII century of classicism. It was born in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, compared with Baroque interior which is more austere. Differences and peculiarities of other styles empire interior design is the ultimate in luxury until the pathos, sophistication, and wealth. This empire interior style is only for the living room because only natural and expensive materials are used in it.

The color scheme differs according to the saturation. Quality trees now play an important role. The color scheming used for the furniture in empire style interior design is dark colors only. The sofas and chairs should be wide with a low back. Upholstery is supposed to be silk tapestry with the gold ornament. Bookcases, open dressers, cabinets with porcelain, paint frames with gold, crystal candlesticks is a must.

For walls traditionally used brocade or silk, often the maroon interior is also a good choice. Suitable high-quality wallpapers with the ability to mimic these fabrics, drawing on the wallpaper to be small or simply the use of a regular strip looks great as well. In the wall covering, you can also use tile certainly made of natural stone. To create a majestic view of the living room, it can be supplemented with a small marble table. The ceiling is white, but in the finishing materials there must be some use of gold color. The floor should imitate wood.

The main peculiarity of Empire-style was Mirrors, which were unusually large and with different shapes. Beyond the usual places - above the fireplace, between the windows – they were placed on the bed, on the door leaf, hiding near the floor between the legs of furniture. For more empire interior design ideas, check out our creative designs in the gallery section.

empire interior design