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Your bathroom can be colorful or calm, big or small; but the only thing that we always need in bathrooms is space that resides within its beauty, comfort and stylishness.

Make your bathroom come alive with a special and distinctive beauty by mixing tiles with all the details of the decor and furniture inside the bathroom. The designers at Algedra Group of Companies are working to create spaces with tones full of beauty and elegance, and add distinctive spaces to your bathroom.

We offer our clients plenty of bathroom tile ideas to help you get started with quality finishes that will make you think every time you have just reached a luxury spa with simple and classic marble designs. There's something here for every taste and every décor style.

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Tiles, porcelain and ceramic are excellent ways to decorate rooms with high humidity. But it is important to choose the right material for covering surfaces, floors and walls in the bathroom in order to get a stylish interior design.

Admirers of normal walls should diversify the decor of the bathroom with colored tiles on the floor - this design will bring modernity to the plain design. The contrasts and mosaic motifs on the floors look especially great if they are in harmony with the blurry motifs walls or decorated.             

We make sure that the floor tiles have little friction - it is safer to have a rough base for bathroom floors, it is safer when there is moisture on the floor.               

1- Tonal Variations in Mosaic Tiles

The difference in color gradations in the interior design is certainly a wonderful detail that adds beauty and a special attraction, sometimes the difference in materials with the unification of color tones can give you unparalleled beauty. To achieve this very simply we can see through this interior design of the bathroom, that how the designer played between granite and mosaic with the use of a fixed color tone for the bathroom, which is the eye-catching turquoise.

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2- Chess ceramics

One of the great advantages of tiles and ceramics is the possibility of combining many different shapes and designs and creating a unique aesthetic in the design. Among these designs of tiles and ceramics is the chess design, which is to combine two different colors of tiles and mix them together as we see in the design below, i.e., chess in black and white. 

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3- Ceramic is the favorite in bathroom cladding

It is one of the materials that allow not to absorb moisture and is not negatively affected by the presence of water in the bathroom. The possibility of choosing distinctive and wonderful designs for the design of the bathroom, and the diversity between engravings and colors in a way that creates an attractive and special sophistication on the interior design of the bathroom, so tiles are one of the preferred materials in the design of the bathroom.

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4- Dark ceramic

This method of ceramic forms is considered one of the most wonderful, exciting and unique methods. As it is a good way create breathtaking decor, and it is preferable to choose one of the bright types of ceramics that have dark colors to add more exciting touches. And you can choose it to posit it either in the lower half of the bathroom or place it in the main wall of the bathroom to be eye-catching.

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Decoration lovers, please visit Algedra offices or our website to view a variety of designs. We design entire bathrooms, from floors to walls, choose the appropriate color, and display many models for our clients, whether it is for the main bathroom or all the bathrooms of your home.

The design team at Algedra is ready to find suitable solutions for your project and we will present many options that will definitely suit your tastes and achieve your full satisfaction with perfection in work and at the best price.