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Small details, but wall paintings certainly add an extraordinary difference and attractiveness to any home. Walls are one of the most important elements in any house, we must take care of its decor to add beauty and style. When decorating walls, we must pay attention to the selection and details of tables and paintings.

 As we know, in decor, there are lots of rules and tips that focus on every piece of the house. We find wall paintings not only an aesthetic piece but also to provide an artistic touch to the walls and give them a special character.

The following tips are provided by Algedra Interior Design and Decoration company based on years of experience of employing professionals and creatives in using art to set the mood for each room and give it a distinct impression that is imprinted on the minds of everyone who visits the house.

These tips and guidelines will help you decorate the walls with paintings in an appropriate way so that all the elements of the place are in harmony.

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Coordination of wall paintings at home is an art of decoration, and therefore wall painting decorations have fixed rules and foundations that can't be ignored until you get an integrated aesthetic view in your home.

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Before buying and hanging paintings at home, you should consider these points in order to get a beautiful and harmonious décor:

1-Select where to put the paintings:

The first factor affecting the wall painting is the furniture surrounding it, especially the piece of furniture placed directly below it. The position of the painting affects it indirectly to make it less visible and prominent.

So make sure to put large panels on top of large furniture, and small ones are ideal on top of small pieces of furniture such as tables or side chairs.

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On the other hand, when choosing paintings, they must be chosen based on the size and nature of the place. There are shapes that fit the children’s room and do not fit the bedroom or the office room. So before choosing the wall panels, the nature of the room in which they will be placed must be determined first.

2- Painting measurement:

To avoid the visual defect that people often fall into, choosing the size of the paintings is one of the very important details that must be taken into consideration. The scale of the painting must be chosen in proportion to the scale of the house walls and the scale of the furniture.

If you want to hang a large group of pictures, be sure that the distance between each picture is not large. It is also very important to place the plates at eye level, that is, without the person having to raise or lower his head excessively.

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Rearrange everything correctly. "Leave at least four inches between frames." - Designer Stephanie Lindsay. He notes that when art pieces are close together they look overcrowded. "And when the pieces are really close to each other, every little flaw will appear, so it's essential to hang everything up to a perfect level."

3- Coordination of paintings with room décor:

The most enjoyable step after completing the furnishing of the house is to place the decorative pieces that give a wonderful aesthetic touch to the place. From here, the paintings are one of the important accessory pieces, so whether you want to hang a copy of the most beautiful old-time paintings, classic wall panels, or a modern wall painting that combines colors in a creative way, you must consider choosing the painting that matches the style of your home design.

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4- Lighting:

Be sure to use the lighting in a way that highlights the beauty of the paintings. Lighting has a wonderful ability to highlight the details of the decor, so make sure to shine the lighting on the paintings in your home through ceiling spots or uprights.

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"Consider accentuating the wall art by lighting a picture or some sconces." says designer Brenna Morgan. "Make sure that any large ceiling light fixtures in the room do not obstruct the line of sight of the photos".

5- Wall paintings colors:

The colors of the tableau or the panels that you will choose for your home must be consistent with the colors and decorations of the room in order to create harmony in a clear way in your home décor.

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If neutral colors are the dominant colors in the room, opt for a mural full of color. Rich colors and patterns will draw attention to the piece of art in the room.

6- Think of your wall color:

"Do not forget the wall color," said Designer Kristen Barton. He notes that wall color is extremely important in creating a clean backdrop for a statement piece of art. Barton added, "Choosing a clean neutral color doesn't have to be shining white but rather a neutral with muted undertones that will make any piece of art the main focus".

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If your wall has a rough texture or a wallpaper pasted and already contains patterns, you may benefit from adding a mural in calm, neutral colors that add a beautiful atmosphere to the place.

7- The portrait frame:

Choosing the frame of the painting is no less important than choosing the painting itself, and it is important to take into consideration the consistency of the frame with a decorative pattern. For example, if the walls are surrounded by various types of wallpapers, especially those with inscriptions, it is better to choose the frames of simple paintings, but if the wall is not full of inscriptions, It is nice to add decorative frames to add movement to the wall.

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8- Do not hesitate to hang paintings:

Take your time in planning the arrangement you want. "It can be hard to visualize what a set of artwork will look like on a wall, so it's helpful to draw your plan on graph paper or use a computer program to plan out your art," says designer Adrienne Robideaux. Adrienne also added, "Rearrange the pieces on the floor until you like how they look, then cut out paper that has the size of each piece of art and hang them on the wall. This will help you visualize the final result and provide an easy way to measure when you start hanging."

Art paintings can stimulate the internal senses of the beholder, as not all paintings are just deaf colors and drawings, but there are works that have the ability to make you feel as if you are touching what you see, or unintentionally perceive something of its essence with your senses.

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There are paintings whose beauty lies in the integration of more than one raw material, such as those that combine metal and wood, or between glass and metal, or glass and wood, this type of artwork must be present in one of the corners of your modern home to give it a new dimension and to give you that feeling with vitality and abstraction.

Let your goal be when hanging art paintings on the walls to enhance the beauty of the room and not to confuse or distract and dominate the beauty of the room design.

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We advise you to study your options well before starting a project to beautify your walls, and of course, the right way (forever and always) is to use the services of designers and interior decorators to transform the artwork to reflect your feelings and personality as well. Visit the ALGEDRA blog for more tips and information about the world of interior decoration.