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The bathroom size varies between large and small as it depends on the house size. If the house is actually a villa or a palace, the owner would always like to have a bathroom in each room and these bathrooms might be small. This provides a challenge for the designer because he has to find a way to provide and place all bathroom utilities while keeping enough space for the bathroom user.

furniture needed in bathrooms

small bathroom design

1.      Wash Basins:

Bathroom washing basins come in different shapes and sizes and fits the space of the bathroom. Some of them are:

Wash basin with long fixed pedestal: This type is placed in a corner to save space and at the same time to do its required job

Wall mounted wash basin: A new modern idea that looks elegant

Wash basin base unit: This base is actually a cabinet that you can store bathroom stuff in, it is preferable to be wall mounted and not fixed to the ground.

2.      The Mirror:

The bathroom mirror is an essential piece that sometimes might be just a mirror or a mirror with a cabinet, or the mirror might have an elegant frame that suits the bathroom decor.

There should be an electrical extension above the wash basin if you want to install a mirror with lights or it could be as simple as an ordinary mirror for daily use.

Careful to choose an appropriate and suitable location for the mirror. The mirror must not be behind the toilet or where the door is, for example.


bathroom furnishings

3.      Bath Tubs and Showers:

There are many types and shapes of bath tubs. The most famous of them all is the Jacuzzi. It is possible to place it up in a wall against the other or place it in the bathroom corner to take advantage of the other side and this depends on its width. Or it can have a shower head installed inside it, to take advantage of both the bath tub and shower head in one place.

And to make the bathtub more appealing you can add a sliding door or a regular door with knobs that also works as an isolating door to stop the water from spreading all over the floor of the bathroom. The transparency level of this door is a personal preference.

You can also have a bathroom with only a shower which takes a smaller space than the tub.


neutral bathroom color

4.      As for the colors:

Colors play a huge role in bathrooms as certain colors provide elegance to the place, the color choice depends on the personal preference:

A blue and beige bathroom is simple and appealing, especially if the beige color is closer to the natural wood gradient.

Using beige color in a bathroom makes it elegant if combined with brown for the rug and wall and white for both the wash basin and the bath tub.

Light orange and red gives a refreshment and vitality to the bathroom, orange for the walls and mirrors, red for the cabinets and decors, while white is the color of the basin, bath tub and also the bottom part of the ceramic wall.

5.      The Ceramic:

The designers consider the floors and walls as the decor pieces that can outstand with different types, as you can add a touch from any place in the world especially while choosing the size and the type of the ceramic, the most famous forms of the Spanish ceramic:

  • The light beige ceramic, these ceramic pieces are plain and medium-sized without any inscriptions. In the middle part of the wall and the bathtub have the same pieces but in different colors from the brown gradients, as for the floor these tiles come slightly larger and in brown.
  • Rectangular ceramic pieces, the white color dominates it along with some other colors like brown, black and olive green. As for the floor, they are made of light-brown plain ceramic tiles.
  • Small ceramic pieces, they are modern and give the decor an excellence, because it’s covered in ceramic from the inside and the outside in lightest honey color.

Here are some tricks for a wider looking bathroom:

When placing a large mirror on the wall, the void place looks larger, that’s why placing a mirror above the basin or placing a wall length mirror is great anywhere.

Using ceramic and curtains with a lot of inscriptions gives the illusion of a wider space, as well as using light colored walls, these are simple things, but they affect the decor immensely

Using rectangular-shaped basins provide a larger space, but base unit wash basins are better as they provide storage space, thus you get a dual use wash basin.

You can use the small shelf on the empty space of the wall to store towels, cotton and other utilities instead of using large cabinets that consume space.