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The master bedroom is a haven for relaxation and colors play the greatest role in providing peace and the calm atmosphere.

Since colors are an important step to achieving the perfect personal space, so they must reflect your style, your lifestyle, and taste because the master bedroom is the largest among the other bedrooms so you get more selections that allow you to combine colors and create a unique look.

If the master bedroom has a bathroom and space for changing or sitting, these spaces must be accurately planned to be consistent and complement each other.

One of the best tips for the color of the master bedroom is to select a color that creates the mood and atmosphere that you want to have in the room.

 Colorful Master Bedroom

A Master bedroom of a Calm Character.

Favorite colors for most people are pastel colors, and neutral colors are a good selection too like Beige, Dark gray with crème color to give a luxurious and high-class look with natural wood furniture to create a calm atmosphere.

Also, you can mix many shades together to create the layers effect and some dynamic effect by adding bright colored pillows, carpets, lamps and other accessories.

The room could be in dark wood, and pearl colored walls, and has one of its gradients on one of the walls accessorized by a wooden frame and golden threads for a luxurious and high-class look to refresh the natural wood and beige colors. It is also consistent with the other room accessories such as pillows, golden bedding, in addition to the artifacts that play a crucial role in creating a calm but sophisticated look.

Shiny silver is an alternative to the gold that also looks luxurious, gray gradients fit with this color and also natural and metal furniture.

 Modern Master Bedroom

The Charming Gray Color for the Modern Master Bedroom:

The gray color and its gradients are common in the modern decor because it has a neutral calm effect that fits well with the modern decors that incline towards simplicity and also lines well with the other colors without exception which makes it the best choice for a modern master bedroom.

Dark gray with Cafe or beige creates an elegant look and you can also add a piece of furniture of a bold color such as a burgundy or a purple chair.

A light colored bed positioned in the middle of the wall and dark floor are both an excellent choice for an elegant and color balanced room. You should also consider some accessories as they make a huge difference in the room.

 Colorful Bedroom decor by Algedra

Quick Tips: 

  1. Mix 3 light colors to create a bright look for the room. It is also advisable to add bold and special colors to a neutral room such as a bright blue sofa.
  2. Paying attention to the color of the wall design distinguishes the bedroom wall. You can use a gray color that is similar to the color of stone or brown that is similar to the natural wood or marble that comes in different colors to give the room an attractive look, and the colors of the furniture are chosen according to the wall color but in lighter gradients to get an elegant looking room.
  3. Use different gradients of colors and wall designs that look like paintings to achieve diversity and excellence.
  4. For more excellence, you can do a bold step by combining between the luxurious antiquity and the modern character. For example, the bed carries the character of the Victorian era and on the contrary, the sofa is in strong pink color or glossy green, and to merge them you can use the colors of the natural elements such as flowers and plants as well as some repetition of accessories help in merging between the contradictory.
  5. The use of accessories such as plants, decorative pillows, and chairs will enhance the colors system you've chosen for the main bedroom.
  6. While choosing orange tones, yellow or red, it is recommended to use the lighter versions of these colors. To use darker shades or brighter shades, for example, choose the sunny yellowish color with warm gray or light reef color with neutral color. In addition to a combination of warm shades such as Golden, champagne and gradients of brown add more comfort and relaxation that will satisfy your taste.
  7. For more luxury, you should take full advantage of the room that relies on black color. Be sure to balance it with pieces in white, and add touches to brighten up the mood such as golden or silver or turquoise and even red.
  8. For the romantic master bedroom, the color red is the key. But you must be wary of using it heavily because it boosts energy. You can use it on one wall, for example, the wall behind the bed or in the furnishings only with some calm colors to break its strength and exuberance.
  9. Using a palette of neutral color shades leaves the room looking comfortable and organic from your colors in the bed linens, pillows and lamps and other accessories. As a neutral panel works well because you can change your accessories to suit your mood or to decorate it for the season.
  10. One of the best tricks to reflect the effect of colors on the decor is to paint the wall behind the bed in a soft color different than the color of the bed to make the wall look like a big frame. Use lighter or darker gradients of the same color of the wall in bed linens and room accessories or you can use a completely opposite color to highlight its strength.