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Lagom means "Not too little, not too much" in Swedish, which it simplifies lifestyle for a sustainable and ethos that makes life value in sense of boosting happiness.

The Hygge movement, the reflection of the Danes' ingenuity to enjoy at home, refers to the warm and friendly fictions, soft textiles and cozy layout created in the cocoons of life, whilst the Swedish lifestyle Lagom replaces Hygge.

Swedes argue that the way to design the perfect balance in living spaces is through simple and aesthetic decoration, which we can also call the new Scandinavian minimalism with simplified choices prevail, an order free of excess.

Get rid of your excess

The simplification action underlying the concept of Lagom is that it is necessary to stay away from maximalism.

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A common misconception is that filling your house, living room, your surroundings with more things will make you more cozy and happy. Apart from making your house look cluttered and ruin your interior overstuffing your home may have a negative effect in a long run.

 Naturalistic Balance: Less Is More

Lagom motto "Less is more", which also became motto of minimalism style, emphasizes leaving gaps in the space and decorate it with selective items.

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A comfortable seating unit, a bookcase, a coffee table, of course, a variety of green plants, maybe a carpet, lighting, is enough in  Lagom's decoration algorithm.

Make sure it is sustainable!

Harmony and balance are essential in Lagom lifestyle and that concept reflects in home interior. Make sustainable choices that you can use for many years.

Lagom favors the natural… We can say that implementing sustainability by turning towards natural materials like bamboo, wood, wicker, linen, and earth tones are one of the cornerstones of Lagom decoration.

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The organic preference in your home decorations will bring coziness and make you feel comfortable with the spaciousness you will create in your living space.

Use of ceramic and glass accessories

You can enhance the simple style of your interior by adding minimalistic design home decor items made of glass and ceramic.

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The use of glass accessories will also make interior look more appealing. By choosing glass coffee tables, you can catch modernity and minimalism together.

Dwell on Neutral Tones

Using neutral tones in furniture, wall colors and accessories allows you to apply this style effectively. Thus, the place you are in does not tire you and helps you get away from stress. For a peaceful environment, you need to choose the right use of color. A timeless style and monochrome color palette are among the home decor effects of Lagom.

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Be As Simple As You Can

No detail that can tire or disturb you have a place in Lagom. Give preference to plain patterns in furniture upholstery, wallpapers, paintings, and other accessories you will use. With such decorative applications, you will be away from unnecessary and overwhelming contrasts.

In addition:

Taking an example from the houses of the Swedes, who carry nature to the center of their life and pursue harmony with a sustainable approach, we see that Interior design shaped by organic forms create a feeling of lightness in spacious and bright spaces.

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