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The most important decision after choosing the house itself is choosing its colors, recent studies revealed that colors affect your mood, life, and behaviors immensely. They also reflect you character, the way you think and your life for other people without you even realizing, that’s why you should choose colors wisely.

colors for home

You can create a beautiful house by smartly combining the favorite colors for the family members, the trick is to use all of your favorite colors in a way that fits the house and makes it comfortable to live in it for a long period of time. Here are some tips and information about the basics for choosing colors and the colors impact on our lives.

Choose wisely - is the first tip. Choose the colors that give you a sense of tranquility and relaxation that are also comfortable for the eyes.

The room colors affect your mood either in a positive, negative or a neutral way. Bright colors make the room look spacious while darker colors provide intimacy and warmth.

You can use the colors’ circle to choose the colors, and find out the best color combinations.

yellow paint kitchen

For example; red provides energy and power, thus it is perfect for the living room or the dining room, as it gives a strong first impression and increases heart beats and breathing rates, it is a rich and elegant color.

Yellow is the color of sunrise and joy hence great for the kitchen, dining room and the bathroom and each place you want to add happiness too. When you use yellow in the living room it is rich and welcoming, however, do not use it as a main color because recent studies revealed that some people cannot control their nerves when surrounded by it and also children will not stop crying in a yellow room.

Blue provides calmness, decreases blood pressure and heart beats rate, so it is preferable to use it in the bathroom or bedroom. If you plan to use light blue you should consider adding some dark blue with it as this combination provides warmth, comfort and relaxation especially in a large kitchen and the living room.

Green is a very comfortable color for the eyes. It is refreshing if mixed with blue and provides fun when mixed with yellow so it is suitable for any room in the house. It gives a calming sensation if it was the color of the kitchen, while it provides warmth, freedom and comfort in the living room, it is a basic color in interior design. It also distresses and hence will be the perfect choice for a bedroom.

Purple color provides richness, romance, and elegance. It also provides the sense of luxury and creativity and gives comfort in the bedroom just like the blue color. However do not rely on it completely and choose it as your main decor color, because it would provide negative energy and depression.

red curtains

Orange is a very energizing and vital color, however, it is unsuitable for bedrooms or living rooms but it is perfect for gyms and office rooms because it brings out your inner emotions and makes you deal with your daily routine in a better way.

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