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Victorian Style or English Style is strict and conservative to a certain extent, has traditionally been considered a model of refinement, elegance and good taste.

Victorian entrance chandelier

English interior Design has plenty of natural wood and textiles, massive doors and large windows, cozy carpets and luxurious drapes, wide wooden staircase and fireplace. Fireplace is an indispensable element in the interior of British homes, also fireplace is a central component around which the interior space is planning,

For wall design of classic English living room most commonly we use panels of natural wood or thick wallpaper with traditional strip or small flowers. Usually, the floor covers with parquet. The color scheme can be very diverse - from warm shades of yellow, red, gold to cool blue, green, gray. 

Victorian sofa

Textiles play an important role In English interior design, and decorative elements such as curtains, decorative pillows on the sofas and chairs, blankets are a must attribute the living room. Living room furniture should be made from natural wood, often designers use oak, walnut, mahogany, ash, yew.

Victorian sitting room

Every small details are important in Victorian Style. Especially elegance - graceful legs of sofa with elaborately carved, as well as for upholstery uses only natural fabrics. In the design Mandatory decor items are carpets, paintings, porcelain and silver, crystal chandeliers, candlesticks, lampshades made of fabric, a pair of table lamps, miniature vases with bouquets of dried flowers.

Victorian Design Pattern

The basis of cabinet design are wooden panels, upholstery leather, green color scheme and good dark wood furniture. In addition to the massive roomy desktop, giving solidity room, in the office are always present bookcases with classic literature.