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The usage of glass goes back to pre- 4000 BC. Nowadays a glass is used as a transparent panel that has paintings, decorations, joyful colors, and also as a fascinating artifact because of its ability to adjust and transform to various shapes. It also makes space look spacious and bright.

 glass wall

Types of Glass and its Uses:

The glass is used in many luxurious decorative pieces for living rooms.

Tables use a lot of glasses, such as dining tables and living room’s tables.

Windows are a decorative use of the glass. As home interfaces face streets or parks and also to take the advantage of the bulk of the external light.

Glass windows will look more aesthetic if they have a metallic frame which is the perfect match for the multi-colored stainless steel metal.

The glass is also used in home decorations and in internal and external doors’ models, but it should be placed in special colors that suit the house to add joy and comfort because colors play an influential role in human mood.

glass shower room

It can also be stained with sand and stone to create a beautiful portrait. The stained and colored glass that have a hint of the past is fairly used by “ALGEDRA” in a professional modern way.

In the past, stained glass made with lead and surrounded by wood nut was highly used, but now it is common to use stained glass in the corners of your home and in areas designed for relaxation. This method converts cheap glass to a wall mounted masterpiece like wall paintings, vases, wall mounted plates and lamps. Because glass is very fragile it is impossible to use it in large pieces or as a basic decorative piece in bedrooms for example.

You can use heavy glass for creating TV and computer desks or as small decorative glass shelves.

 glass decor

You can also use glass partitions to increase the aesthetic side of the décor. You can also use some mirrors for a more elegant and aesthetic look along with accessories, antiques, luxurious crystal glassware and candles that provide comfort and tranquility.

The engraved glass is a very creative modern art. There are those who transform a patch in the ground of their house to include a panel of tempered glass that contain an aquatic world beneath it to add a lot of beauty and romance to the place.

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